Friday, May 2, 2014

Oh hey, it's May

Late Winter and Spring are slow-ish times for programming, as the teens are busy with school stuff and I'm getting ready for Summer Reading.  The programs I've done lately have been all the same old stuff--all of my clubs plus a couple of crafty things.  I had two pretty big flops--both things that my Teen Advisory Council asked me to do.  I made Duct Tape tote bags at both branches and had very low attendance, and then I did egg decorating at the main library and had ZERO attendance.  I mostly know better than to listen to the suggestions of my TAC by now, but this pretty much cements it!  The egg decorating was saved by making an announcement that anyone in the library who wanted to decorate an egg RIGHT NOW could do so.  It ended up being very fun anyway!

My big project this month is my kickoff party for the The Fault in Our Stars movie!  I'm having a 5 hour party in our auditorium.  So far I'm planning:

1) To build a giant fort for reading in.  I was fretting about how i'd get enough blankets and things to make this happen, and then I remembered that I own a 1500 sq. ft. parachute.  That'll work! 
2) To watch lots of Vlogborthers/Sci-Show/Crash Course videos, plus the trailers. 
3) To play a couple of games.  Haven't really planned these yet.  Trivia of some kind, and maybe a scavenger hunt or something?
4) Pizza AND an ice-cream sundae bar.  My usual start to summer reading is an ice cream social, which I'm skipping this year in favor of this party, so I figured I'd combine them!
5) To give out 100 free copies of TFiOS!  I'm really excited to be able to do this.  My Friends of the Library group is awesome and generous with their funding! The books arrived yesterday.
The teens are encouraged to wear PJs and spend the day reading and lounging and, of course, sobbing. It's going to be really fun!