Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teen Teenbrarian

There's a thing going around the twitters--librarians are posting photos of themselves as teens.  I happen to have a FEW gems on FB, so I thought I might as well post them all here!
This must be my Freshman year, because by the time we did photos again I would have switched to xylophone for marching band.  I graduated at 17, so that means in this picture I'm about 13.
Ah, the black lace over red dress style for Homecoming.  Great when paired with black nylons and a choker for that perfect 90s look!

I'm actually not sure whether the previous picture was older or newer than this one, which was Homecoming 97.  I suspect the red/black dress was Homecoming 98.  My mother not only let me out of the house in this, but she borrowed it once.

I'm so glad I grew up to be the stylish and sophisticated lady you see here!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I have not forgotten you, blog! 

It's a very busy time for me at the library,  and that combined with a mysterious illness of mystery left me pretty unable to function for a while.  I'm feeling better and deep into Summer Reading planning--perhaps a little TOO deep, as I keep forgetting about programs that are going on right now!   I nearly didn't leave in time to pick up the pizza for today's TAC meeting!

Despite the Summer Reading plans being made, Winter Reading is still going!  I'd estimate that right now I have about 150 entries here at the main library, I have no idea how it's going at the branches yet.  They have until March 30th to turn in their slips, so I'm sure there will be many more.  My heavy cosplayers are vying for the $50 gift card so they can purchase costume supplies, but the Doctor Who and Manga themed prizes are popular as well.  At THIS building the Nerdfighter prize isn't doing as well, however I suspect it's more popular with my teens at the branches.  I hold all of my book clubs at the branches, so I've put time and energy into making Nerdfighters of those teens!

The really big news is that I have finally hired an intern!  The search for just the right person was long--I've been without since September.  Since I do purchasing and programming for three buildings, I have very much missed the extra help with all of the housekeeping things that need to get done.  I was searching for someone who had a genuine interest in working with teens, who was as different as possible from me (so that they would appeal to the teens that don't give a hoot about me), and who I thought could uphold the great casual atmosphere I've built here.  I think Mike will be a great fit--on his first day he taught me how to domesticate animals in Minecraft, so he's already been useful!

I've been learning the ins and outs of Minecraft, as I'm hoping to start a guild here this summer.  The teens have been a great help, as have the hours and hours and hours I have now spent playing that addictive game.  I think it will be awesome to play with the teens, but I'm still figuring out the best way to make it work for us.  The IT department is involved now, as I need a static IP address to run our server from. on. from. Right now my thoughts are that our server will be available during the after school hours for any teens that I put on the White List, and once a month or so we'll have specific challenges that they can compete in for prizes.  They won't have to even come to the library, they will be able to log on from home!  Virtual programs! The future is NOW!