Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teen Teenbrarian

There's a thing going around the twitters--librarians are posting photos of themselves as teens.  I happen to have a FEW gems on FB, so I thought I might as well post them all here!
This must be my Freshman year, because by the time we did photos again I would have switched to xylophone for marching band.  I graduated at 17, so that means in this picture I'm about 13.
Ah, the black lace over red dress style for Homecoming.  Great when paired with black nylons and a choker for that perfect 90s look!

I'm actually not sure whether the previous picture was older or newer than this one, which was Homecoming 97.  I suspect the red/black dress was Homecoming 98.  My mother not only let me out of the house in this, but she borrowed it once.

I'm so glad I grew up to be the stylish and sophisticated lady you see here!

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