Friday, February 7, 2014

YALSA Hub Reading Challenge

I just found out about this via twitter, and made the snap decision to join in!  The goal is to read 25 books from a list of award winners that YALSA provides by June 22nd---I appreciate their having it wrap up around when Summer Reading starts and we all get too busy to do anything but run around crazily chasing teens with forms!

Weirdly, I've only read about 8 titles on the list, so this is proooobably a good idea.  With exceptions, I tend to dislike award winning books.  They tend to be the book  that everyone on the committee agrees is okay, as opposed to a book someone feels really passionately about.  When I was on the Thumbs Up!  Committee, that's exactly how it went.  Don't get me wrong, Hate List was great, but it was no Monstrumologist! 

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