Tuesday, June 28, 2016


It's been YEARS since I had time to put any real effort into displays. They've been books + book lists for seemingly forever. This summer I have a great intern as well as an aide, so I have slightly more time to make things pretty. I started out with a big PRIDE display for June:

The best part was how amazing it looks from the other side, too.  Most of my displays have just faced into the Teen Room without a lot of regard for how they looked from the other side.

I almost didn't want to take down the rainbow, especially after Orlando, but I have had my July display planned for a long time....HAMILTON.

 I still need to add, you know, books.

Portraits of a lot of the major characters from Hamilton, with quotes from Ham underneath saying who they are...

See? Cute!

The best part is that it looks great from the other side, too!  There are always going to be some visible back-sides of posters, but the flag and fireworks are ON POINT. I decided to make the readable from this direction.  There's too much glare to photograph them well but they look great.

This sort of thing takes a lot of time I don't really have, but the teens love it and it helps them know someone cares about them and their space, so it's worth it.  Plus I get a huge sense of accomplishment from a good display!

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