Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's "dont' have time to stop for a free slurpee" day!

Things are still going well over here! Programs left and right.  On Tuesday I was at both branches for tie-dye programs.  I did the same thing last year--I buy the dye but each teen brings something to dye.  That ensures that they'll end up with something that fits, and also cuts the costs for me down significantly.  I let them do two things, if they want.  Most do shirts, but I had a couple of girls do shorts and 4-5 did pillow cases.  I bought plastic tablecloths from GFS to protect the carpet, some Tulip brand dye kits, and I stole rubber bands from all of the assorted places we hide rubber bands around the library.  The dye I use doesn't require that weird ash soak thing, you just get the item damp.  I made kits ahead of time for each teen--a gallon sized ziplock bag with about 10 rubber bands, a pair of latex gloves, instructions on how to create a few different looks (photocopies of the instructions that come with the kit) and instructions for what to do after they get it home.  Because of space issues and also "room full of teenagers holding permanent dye" issues, I only let 15 register for each building.  Both filled up, and 13 showed up in each building---a great turnout! We only dyed the carpet a tiny bit---and it was in the building we're leaving within a year so I wasn't too horrified. 

3.5 weeks in and we're at 352 teens registered for summer reading.  7 weeks to go!

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