Monday, January 21, 2013

I don't work in the sort of library that closes just because everything else is closed, so I'm at work today.  The schools are closed, though, and so the teens will start rolling in as soon as they wake up.

In anticipation, I reserved two of our meeting rooms--one for a D&D marathon and the other in case some of the other teens want to get a second D&D game going, and if they don't I'll let them use the room as a hub today, a place to hang out and eat pizza and make a little more noise than they could up in our teen room. All it will cost me is pizza money and some of my stockpile of pop and snacks, and will earn me major points both with the teens who need somewhere to go and the other librarians who don't want to have to shush them all day.  It's a win all around.

We're also broadcasting the inauguration in our auditorium, and I can't help but hope that they will head over there and watch a little. 

Anyone reading this probably knows about the financial struggles of libraries and library staff.  I love the system I work for, but we're not immune--we haven't had raises in years, we started having to contribute to our healthcare, and that payroll tax holiday has ended.  I don't grumble too much, but it does mean we're making less and less each year.  We try to keep spirits up around here with jeans days and funny contests.  Today a coworker and I are making everyone participate in settling a long-standing feud between us, and I'm excited both for the inevitable thrill of victory and to have a little something fun going on today.  Details and pictures when she FINALLY GETS HERE.

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