Friday, January 25, 2013

The Secret

By now you might be getting the idea that my secret is hard work and dedication.  That's the only way this works!  You've got to spend time with your local teens, let them get to know and trust you.  You've got to listen to their ideas and try things even when you are pretty sure they aren't going to work.

Today I just have one program--a teen gaming event with a Pokemon theme.  We'll see how it goes.  At my library gaming has really gone out of style, but I usually throw in one or two gaming events in each newsletter cycle just in case.  I've found that having a theme sometimes helps--our last Pokemon day went well, and a Retro Games day went pretty well also.  This newsletter cycle I've got today's event and another one in a couple of months where we're going to break out my new Kinect and play Just Dance.  There's already at least one teen here for the program (it starts at 3, but I'm on desk until 3).  If it's just her and I, we'll eat Doritos and gossip and come up with ideas for EGCG (Extraordinarily Great Club for Geeks) and the afternoon will not be a waste.  Numbers aren't everything--though that's another post for another day.

Hard work, dedication, PROGRAM PROGRAM PROGRAM.  Other than the holiday Monday, this was a pretty normal school week, and I had 6 programs.  Am I so exhausted that I can't WAIT to get home and eat Chinese food while watching The West Wing?  Yes.  Is it worth it? YES.

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