Monday, January 28, 2013

Whatcha Mean What's a Zine?

There's something brewing in the library world, a backlash against the buzzwords and the cutting edge and the movin' and shakin', and a discussion about core services and the daily grind is starting to emerge.   Julie  got things started with her great post about who gets recognized in this field, and Valerie renewed our annoyance with her story about being cut from M&S for fuzzy reasons.  I definitely will look at this year's list with much more scrutiny after reading her story.

A few days ago on Twitter I said, "I'm going to start a journal called "reviews and advice for actual librarians who are busy doing shit"  and was surprised at how many people immediately said they'd read or contribute to such a thing.

You've caught me at a good time, internet.  I'm very into DOING things lately.  I even joined a parade planning committee a few weeks ago.  So you know what? Let's do it.  I jokingly said we should make a Zine, and I kinda like that idea.  So send me things.  Tidbits, articles, blog posts you've written that you want to share with some others.  I'll put them all together once a month and send it out or post it somewhere (still working on details, but probably just a Blogger blog so we can comment and hilarity can ensue) so we can swap ideas and share in victories and defeats that have to do more with the everyday business of the library and less to do with the theoretical or lofty.

Here's what I'd love to see for the first "issue":
Summer Reading stuff.  Program ideas, how to work with the weird themes, etc etc
"How To" info for a program you did and loved
Colossal Failures
Book Reviews of old and new books, in whatever style you like
Reviews of products or services you use at work
What you did at storytime this week/your favorite songs for movement in ST
Anything you want to share, especially if it is something that might save someone else some time or give them a laugh.

Keep it simple, informative, and awesome. 


  1. Great idea! Do you want us to include links to blog posts or write original content or is either/both OK?

  2. I think either would be fine! Maybe a little write up with the very basics, and then I'll link to the post for more info?